Lessons and programs for teens, adults, and exercise classes

Teen Classes
Teen swim lessons are ideal for those beyond the age for progressive swim classes yet too young for adult classes. Highly trained aquatics instructors work with each participant to set personal goals and meet new challenges. This enables participants to progress at their own pace so that they can develop the skills necessary to swim.

Adult Classes and Programs
No matter what your age, there are swim skills to learn and enjoy. Swimming is a wonderful fitness activity, enhancing cardiovascular fitness while increasing muscle strength and endurance. People tend to learn best in an environment that is positive and fun. Fraser Aquatics instructors strive to offer learning experiences that are both pleasurable and effective.
Designed to introduce and improve on the basic skills necessary to meet the individual’s personal goals. Classes are taught at beginner and intermediate levels by experienced Water Safety Instructors.

Water Exercise Classes
Take to the water for fun and fitness! We offer a variety of Aquatic Exercise programs for all fitness levels—and you don't have to be a swimmer to participate! The programs—which take place mainly in the shallow water— range from joint range of motion classes to high intensity aerobic classes. Exercising in the water provides a challenging workout in a near weightless and zero impact environment.

Health Information About Water Exercise

Be sure you get medical doctor's approval before beginning any exercise program. The physical exam should include a stress test with an EKG test.
- Always work at your own pace.
- Train, don't strain.
- It is better to do too little, than too much.
- Communicate and monitor.
- Be aware of distress or exercise intolerance.
- Encourage them to tell you about discomforts.
- Talk Test - if you can't talk then you are exercising too hard.
- Perceived exertion - exercise is more accurately done on how hard you FEEL like you're exercising than it is on heart rates.
- Warning Signals - Can happen before, during or after class.
- Listen to your body
- Not always a medical emergency, but possibly a signal to reduce intensity, cool down, or stop exercising.
- Evaluate the workout and re-adjust as necessary.

Consult a physician as needed for the following:
- Nausea.
- Breathlessness
- Unusual Fatigue
- Flare-up of arthritic conditions.
- Side stitch (pain in the side)
- Shin splints (stretch the calf muscles)
- Charlie horse - muscle cramp
- Seek medical attention immediately for the following:
- Abnormal heart action.
- Pain or pressure in the center of the chest, the arm, or throat.
- Sudden uncoordination, confusion, cold sweat, pallor, blueness, glassy stare, dizziness, light-headedness, or near fainting.
- Hypothermia
- Persistent rapid heart action even after stopping exercise.
- Medications, even non-prescription, can be dangerous when combined with exercise.

Slimnastics and Hydro-Tone

Taught mainly in the shallow end of the pool, this very popular class designed for the general population where all are welcome. The class participant will experience a great cardio workout while providing low-impact, muscular resistance and a wide range of exercises. Part of the class can use the deeper portion of the pool for a harder workout while still utilizing the shallow end to do similar workouts for people who are not comfortable in the deeper water.

Aqua Zumba COMING SOON!!

Known as the Zumba "pool party," Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba class. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.

Deep Water Aerobics (using Hydro Tone equipment)

Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the newest line of WATER WEIGHTS to their existing HYDRO-TONE BELLS AND BOOTS for water resistance equipment. Safety is a primary goal with the company and much time has gone into redoing the information so that the most recent exercise guidelines are followed.
Hydro-Tone effectively works every major muscle in the body, including the heart. It delivers smooth, stable, 3-dimensional resistance that automatically changes with the effort applied.

This exercise system works both the flexing and extending muscles within the same repetition. Muscle balance and strength ratios are promoted and workout time is reduced. Instead of separate routines for the quadriceps and the hamstrings, or the biceps and the triceps, one Hydro-Tone routine effectively exercises both muscles.

Accommodating variable resistance is used. It automatically adjusts to the degree of force applied. For muscle stimulation to be optimally effective, the degree of resistance must match the degree of applied force as it changes along the strength curve. Moving Hydro-Tone's equipment through the water at twice the speed results in 4 times the resistance and moving at 4 times the speed generates 16 times the resistance. It fits all people, weak or strong. The user automatically matches his or her level of fitness.

Pool water prevents overheating common with most exercise. So you can work harder and longer.

Research compared treadmill walking at 3 mph with walking the same speed on a treadmill in waist deep water. Walking in water burned twice as many calories because of the greater resistance.

Sport specific activities can be duplicated, trained, and enhanced using a golf swing, a tennis stroke or a runner's stride. It produces more powerful players of any sport and has been found to be the perfect cross trainer.

The best exercise program is one that is safe, provides a wide assortment of benefits and is enjoyable. To be beneficial it must be a lifelong commitment and done on a regular and consistent basis. Most people will not do what is unpleasant and uncomfortable, so the average length of an individual's exercise program is 6 weeks. Most find exercise too demanding to make it a long-term commitment.

Fitness should be enjoyable and something to look forward to rather than dreaded. Hydro-Tone removes three of the major causes of discomfort - overheating, impact and next day soreness. Because there is no eccentric (negative) contractions involved, the next day soreness is almost nonexistent.

After a Hydro-Tone workout, people report feeling pumped, stretched and exhilarated. They continue because it renews them as it shapes, tones and strengthens. Their incentives come from the time it saves and the progress they make.
When using this equipment you can move very quickly (but with resistance) so that you develop more white fibers. Each of the three kinds of white fibers needs a different type of workout. By going at a maximum speed and explosiveness, greater mass can be produced than by going slow, which uses more red than white fibers.

Water workouts are very effective and for those that both love and use the gym, Hydro-Tone can't totally replace your workouts, but they can be used to enhance what you already do. Water workouts are beneficial in given you a break from being in the gym, as a backup in times of injury, to prevent boredom and they can help prevent stagnation and give your body and edge in continued muscle growth. One last benefit, you get a cardiovascular workout at the same time.

If you like pumping iron, it's time you try a water workout. It may be your first but I doubt that it will be your last. For those who have always wanted to lift weights but never have, here is your chance. It's a great way to start and an even greater way to finish.

Short Term Expectations
-By the third use you will achieve a fairly good comfort level with the equipment and your ability to move through the water with focus on the exercise increases.
-Improved balance and coordination in the water.
-Decrease in body inches as the body becomes toned. This does not mean the scales will show an expected decrease with the inches. Realize that body muscle weighs more than body fat. The scales might even go up slightly while the inches go down.
-Increased flexibility and/or increased comfort while moving through a fuller range of motion.
-Increased feeling of energy and vitality.
-Improved oxygen circulation.
-Increased strength and muscle endurance.
-Minimal next-day soreness due to cooling and massaging effects of the water and positive muscle contractions.
-Overall sense of increased well-being.

Long Term
-Comfort and generalized strength through full range of motion.
-Less prone to injuries and sickness.
-Muscular tone, cardiovascular and over-all conditioning is improved.
-Decreased resting heart rates and decreased exercise heart rates for the same work load.
-Weight loss, if it is your desired goal and you watch food intake.
-Enhanced land exercise performance.
-Increased body appearance and symmetry.
-Many more benefits.